About Us

An introduction

The inforce Foundation was established in 2001 and is a UK registered charity with experts positioned throughout the world. The name "inforce" is derived from our standing as an International Centre for Forensic Excellence.

We provide the forensic expertise necessary for the scientific detection, recovery and identification of victims arising from mass fatality incidents, genocide, war crimes and similar crimes against humanity.


About us

Our objectives

We are committed to:

  1. Meeting the humanitarian needs of families, loved-ones and broader communities by affording victims compassion and respect in accordance with their Human Rights and providing, through the recovery and repatriation of victims, their right to be afforded funeral rights in a chosen and dignified manner in accordance with their wishes, customs and beliefs;
  2. Facilitating the prosecution of offenders by legitimate legal authorities through the provision of sound, reliable and relevant evidence that has been recovered and managed with a with due regard to the maintenance of integrity and continuity;
  3. Establishing and disseminating the highest professional and ethical standards through the delivery of expert training across a broad range of forensic disciplines
  4. Building global capacity in forensic science investigation and associated fatality management disciplines as the consequence of expert training and guidance and as a means of empowering survivor communities.
Most recent project

For over 5 years, inforce has acted as adviser and consultant to the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) - the Government appointed body responsible for the preservation of all genocide sites throughout Rwanda. The CNLG is charged, on behalf of the victims and survivors, with preserving both the memory and associated physical evidence of genocide within their country.  Such evidence includes the remains of the victims and/or artefacts which may aid in proving the ‘actus reus’ of the crime of genocide.

In response to their charge, the CNLG invited inforce to assist them in their mission with the provision of aid and expertise. Consequently, inforce deployed skilled personnel to a number of genocide sites in Rwanda which included those at Murambi, Nyamata, Ntarama, Kinazi and Nyarubuye. In addition inforce personnel provided key informative presentations to an exclusive audience of supporters at the international conference held in Kigali.

inforce went on to provide detailed briefings to members of the Rwandan parliament. Arising from this the CNLG placed a contract with inforce for the design and manufacture of a mobile laboratory and the provision of associated scientific equipment. The mobile laboratory has been designed to be used in the field and is to be deployed at a number of Rwandan genocide sites for scientific, humanitarian, conservation, preservation, training and educational purposes. In line with inforce’s commitment to ‘in territory’ capacity building their bespoke training programme also addresses the training needs of CNLG staff. To assist yet further, inforce has designed and manufactured a number of unique acrylic caskets to be used for long term preservation of human remains whilst allowing for commemorative considerations. These caskets are to be a significant feature of the genocide memorial to be located at Murambi.

Full details of this outstanding project can be found on the Projects page of this website.

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