One of the key aims of the inforce Foundation is to encourage the sharing of knowledge of forensic sciences and to assist others in investigation and the training and education of future generations of experts. Through our many advisors, Inforce has access to experts across a comprehensive range of forensic and legal disciples in all regions throughout the globe. These advisors are available to assist as consultants either individually or as part of an inforce project across a wide range of subject areas.

inforce consultants can assist with the investigation of homicide, from locating and recovering human remains, the mortuary examination, providing expert scientific support and analysis, participating in case-conferences through to the preservation of evidence and remains.

In the fields of large-scale criminal and other mass fatality incidents our advisors can provide consultancy support throughout the entire process from the site assessment of suspected clandestine graves, recovery of remains from crime scenes or disaster areas, advising on training for DVI teams, management of mass fatality incident mortuaries, appropriate large-scale forensic analysis and dealing with the human cost of incidents through family assistance.

They can assist with the design and delivery of small or large scale simulation exercises, assisting with the delivery of education programmes and building capacity within nations, regions and professional groups.