Since its inception, inforce has successfully delivered a number of topical and incisive symposia focused on issues relevant to our stated mission and objectives. Attending an inforce event or conference is an ideal way of keeping abreast of the latest thinking across the range of professional disciplines concerned with the management of genocide and mass fatality. Our events provide you with the opportunity to come together with like-minded others to discuss key issues affecting your chosen discipline and to take forward both your personal and professional development.  


Our conferences attract international audiences from central, regional and local governments, law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, health practitioners, forensic specialists, educationalists and academics as well as both the voluntary and private sectors. By drawing on the extensive range of skills and expertise at our disposal we are able to facilitate conferences designed to bring people together for their discussion of interests aligned to the delivery of international humanitarian assistance and transitional justice.

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inforce knows that the worlds of forensic science, investigation and disaster management are constantly evolving with new skills, knowledge and techniques coming to the fore. The aim of our seminars, therefore, is to encourage communication and collaboration between all relevant professions through the provision of an arena in which practitioners, researchers, academics and those working in associated disciplines are able to gather, experience, confer and learn.

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inforce experiential workshops are aimed at professionals and students concerned with disciplines such pathology, anthropology, odontology, radiography, scenes of crime, criminal investigation, forensic sciences and emergency planning. Our workshops are designed to give each participant an in-depth understanding of their own role, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the roles of others with whom they may be called to work alongside in the event of an incident or deployment.

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