Who we are

Since 2001 inforce has provided its services to organisations and governments across the world. Such services have included: the provision of forensic services and training in the UK, Germany, Iraq and Cyprus, as well as capacity building enterprise in both Rwanda and Iraq. In addition, as individuals, team members have brought to bear their considerable experience in the provision of professional services to aid organisations in countries such as Iraq, Rwanda, South Africa, Colombia, Belgium, France, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Ireland and the UK. Since its inception, inforce has been unwavering in it provision of support and advice to developing forensic organisations in both Colombia and India.

inforce, as an organisation, is made up of many hugely experienced professionals without whom our work would not be possible. As both an organisation and a UK Registered Charity it is led in its undertakings by a small team of dedicated Directors and volunteer Trustees as shown below.

Executive Team

The Executive Team is responsible for controlling and overseeing the Inforce Foundation both as an organisation and as a UK Registered Charity. As Directors of the Foundation the team is responsible for developing its goals, strategic plans, policies, and, deciding the future direction of the organisation. All such decisions are made in consultation with the Board of Trustees.

In addition to this overarching responsibility, each Director holds a co-ordination and development role specific to their area of considerable expertise. These roles are clearly delineated by the title appointed to each of the four Directors (as shown below):


As the Inforce Foundation is a UK Registered Charity it’s Trustees are unpaid volunteers who undertake fiduciary responsibilities on behalf of the charity, subject to the provisions of Charity Law. Trustees are generally held to be a "prudent person" in respect of meeting their oversight responsibilities, though they may also possess other professional skills which can be brought to bear to aid or guide the organisation.

The Inforce Board of Trustees comprises: